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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  July 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, we're following a developing story offer night one person killed, two others hurt when shots ring outside a bucks county home, we are live with the details. plus... >> unaudible. >> chaos erupting when a protest turns violent on a southwest philadelphia street, angry community saying it took way too long to save four children wound up dying in the testify stating fire. also the the search for this baby's mother, police say she abandoned the seven month-old in a stroller at a subway stop and then ran on to a train and took off, video cops are hoping will catch her. terrifying moments for riders on a roller coaster that derailed mid ride sending cars dangling off a track. what the cars hit that sent it all flying. good morning to you it is 6:00 o'clock on this tuesday morning i'm kerry barrett. i'm dawn timmeney. welcome back.
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>> nice to have you back. >> nice maternity leave. >> it has been a little will while. >> baby is four months. >> is three months, and doing very well. we will share pictures with you later. reporters will have, all of the top stories for you coming up in the next hour. deadly shooting in bucks county anger of course over a fire that killed four young children in south philadelphia. our crews on your top stories this morning. >> lets start with our sue serio and your weather on the one's. another scorcher out there, sue. >> we will be all about the the numbers again today, we got in the the 90's yesterday and we expect to be back there again today. we will go back to eight. there will be plenty of sunshine. most of the day we should in the see thunderstorms but they are in the forecast for later on most likely after dark and mostly the humidity that will be a problem. it is heat and humidity not either one. combine them. that is why pool side like buddy is very good place to be if it is possible for you but
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we know for most it isn't. be ready for temperatures in the 60's and 70's and there is muggy the dog who needs another humid morning. we have nothing to look at yet on ultimate doppler radar. don't expect anything until later on as far as precipitation is concern just heat and humidity. hazy sunnies already up. southeasterly wind at 8 miles an hour. relative humidity 69 percent. current temperature is 76. we expect to top off at 94 by the end of the day to day. hazy sunshine, hot and humid. and then tonight it will be muggy once again and there will be pop up thunderstorms. not have been will see a then are storm, it will be a low of 74 but if you get a storm it could be a strong one. that is your fox cast for tuesday, we will all ready to check out next weekend we will do that in a few moments. >> hoping it is rain free. we have a disable vehicle that is worst of your problems this morning, plymouth
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township ridge pike at caldwell lane and tractor trailer and on the shoulder. it is in the slowing you down too bad. norristown high speed line you are on board until first of august for the i am bound platform. 9:30 to 2:30 p.m. if you take that route you already do know. that you can see only slow down this morning will be 95 south, not even from betsy ross down to the vine right around girard avenue it will start to get slow. but all and all things looking good this tuesday morning, guys. >> great, thank you. we are following a developing story in bucks county this morning. >> at least one person is dead after a triple shooting in bristol township. let get out to fox 29 steve keeley live at the scene with the very latest information, steve. >> reporter: new is we can change it to two people dead according to the family and friend we have been talking to the in the past half april hour. at 5:30 i told you that the man shot in the head here had been shot previously in philadelphia and paralyzed and lived here in the wheelchair.
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we talked to very close family and friend of his who say josh johnson is now brain dead. they were told by doctors at area torresdale. they left the hospital hearing that awful news. what police told us earlier was that another person next to josh found with him in the house was already dead in the house, a third person shot managed to get out of the house, shot in the back and run for help. josh in his 20's, other two heaven shot were in their 30's and police never told thaws there was any armed gunman on the loose. it sound like man they found dead in the house where josh was also shot probably the shooter, and we would get an update hopefully from police momentarily. that is update from devastating family and friend who lost a good friend here who moved out here to bristol a avoid the violence that he suffered in philadelphia that got him paralyzed and in that wheelchair in the first place, kerry and dawn. >> unbelievable steve, thank you.
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police are investigating a homicide in the wynfield section of the city. violent night. we are told the victim was shot several times inside a van on the 1600 block of the street. it happen at the 1:00 this morning. no word on a suspect or motive. community crying out following a deadly fire that claimed lives of four young children. >> jennifer gist live from southwest philadelphia this morning, with that story, good morning, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, that is right, things got wild out here on these streets, several hundred people were out here, protesting against the response time on the part of the fire department, three people were arrested and again, people screaming to voice their frustration that the philadelphia fire tenth was too slow to respond on saturday morning to the deadly fire that claimed four young children and at one point the crowd even lots of fire trucks leaving the fire house for a call. the police department arrived to monitor crowds, at one
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point they closed down 65th and wood land because of the masses of people, people who claim that the fire department took 30 minutes to arrive on the scene, fire commissioner expended saying that it does not take 30 minutes to arrive to any fire in the city, and that there was a ladder truck within three minutes of finding out that this was, in fact a house fire. coming up at 6:30 hear from mens of the community as well as well as the fire commissioner both side have have a very different eye tea of what took place here sat take morning, back to you. >> jenny, thank you. another building collapse in philadelphia roofs of two row homes come crashing down on the 6,000 block of spruce street in the cobbs creek neighborhood. investigators say they think it was a wall between the two homes that gave way causing this collapse. both roofs and the second floor came crumbling down. one of the homeowners says she noticed cracks in the front bedroom within the the last week and a half.
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maybe the humidity. the home inspections officials say in complaints or violations have been reported on either home. the red cross says it is helping three families affected by that collapse. day at a california amusement park end a injury for several people. nearly two dozen in fact, stuck on a ninja ride at six flags magic mountain. officials say that they were stranded for three hearst before being rescued. four passengers were injured and taken to the hospital. fire officials say ride hit a tree branch which caused that had malfunction. the search is on for mother accused of abandoning her baby on the new york city subway platform. new york police released these pictures of that little girl. police released this video of her mother. investigators say she push the stroller on the subway platform when the train stopped yesterday morning. the doors closed, and then she rode away. the baby is in the hospital in
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good condition. happening today senate will vote on a new cigarette tax that could raise millions of dollars, to help philadelphia's under funded school district. without it city leaders say schools wouldn't be fit to open in the fall. last week the state house of representatives approved the tax and the governor says he will sign off on it as well. without this additional revenue school district officials say they will to have layoff some 1300 more educators. still ahead leaked video showing oscar pistorius reinacting the night that he killed his girlfriend, what it could mean for his fate. also? >> find out, you know, somebody would do this, you know, it is very disappointing. >> dumping broken glass into two public swimming pools who made that discovery a
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another day in the 90's and probably warmer then yesterday and each day that it is like this it feels worse, outside, and you have to take care of yourself. we have a quite a muggy morning, very, very warm, lot more humid then it was yesterday, it really will be noticed walking out the door. plenty of sunshine this afternoon with temperatures in the 90's again, with the the highs in the mid 90's and it will feel like it is in the upper 90's today and then tonight pop up thunderstorms, more than likely after dark
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then anytime else and some of them could be strong to severe. so if thunder wakes you up tonight, kacie you can mountain say you weren't warn. >> sue told me so-so don't come crying tomorrow. sue, i just can't, it is just a normal old tuesday morning 6:12 if the morning. not anything to look out for on the roads. you have maybe a two minute delay on i-95 south but every where things are dry, clear, no incidents to look out for. income on wood quick. if you are leaving the house, this morning it is smooth sailing. >> we like to hear that, thanks kacie. coming up proposal fail, guy pulls out a ring while sky diving only to drop the it thousands of feet in the air but what was waiting on the ground to save the day.
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clean up efforts underway in guatemala and southern mexico this morning. 6.9 magnitude earthquake slammed the region yesterday, three are dead and several buildings destroyed. they finish presenting murder trial of oscar pistorius. closing arguments scheduled for next month. >> this is video surfacing of pistorius reinacting the night his girlfriend and reeva steenkamp was kill. it shows pistorius running without his prosthetic leg, out stretching his arm as if he is clutching a gun and it shows him carrying a woman. video was made for the defense by a u.s. based company and it was not shown at the trial. coming up this morning at 7:30 on "good day philadelphia", fox 29 legal analyst ken rottweiler will be into talk about what is next for oscar pistorius.
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more undocumented immigrants a raving in the santiago area on monday. more than a 130 people will be processed and then turned over to the immigration and customs enforcement. local border patrol union says these immigrants are coming from texas. a lot of clean up happening across massachusetts this morning after some very harsh weather. the rain caused the ground to soften, and when the wind came in it knocked down trees, a lot of them, in this neighborhood a large tree knock down two others before crashing into a condo complex. >> how about this in missouri they are dealing with flooding from the mississippi river and with more storms in the forecast, there is growing concern that conditions there could even get worse. in the clarksville with no permanent flood protection, volunteers built a sand bag wall. flooding has closed roads and swamped thousands of acres of farmland. lets check in new with miss sue, at 6:16. what do you got for us. >> we will get to that in a little bit. right now we have a disturbing story, more details, surrounding the death of a georgia toddler, whose father,
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left him in a hot car for seven hours. while he went to work. investigators say child's father three three-year old justin ross harris put 22 month-old cooper harris into his old car seat, this was several days before he died. they say it was a rear facing seat, too small for that boy. the parents had purchased a larger front facing seat a couple weeks prior. investigators believe harris switched out the seats in order to bolster his claim that he forgot that his son was in the car. authorities say they also found marks on cooper's face suggesting that the child was struggling to free himself. a call for new laws in california avenue a mass shooting in aisle vista, proposals from legislators including a gun database for officers answering the call to check on the welfare of someone. they will be able to get weapon information within 90 seconds. shooter in the aisle vista incident killed six people and wounded 13 others before he
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killed himself. marijuana, now for sale for recreational use in washington state and long lines are expected. that is because only one shop, is ready to sell it. owner anticipating lines has set up a food truck and plans to give out free water to those who spend hours outside waiting for store to opened. the store's manager also has a concern. >> it could be anywhere up to 10,000 people here. unfortunately down side is we only have 10-pound of products. >> we're probably only going to be able to sell to 2,000 people. >> twenty other shops applied for licenses but aren't ready to open just yet across the state is there only 500-pound of product available, growers say they cannot keep up with the big demand. state vote's proved recreational marijuana use in 2012 but since the state didn't even have medical marijuana infrastructure it has taken a long time to get
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their system up and running. this next story will make you guard your belongings next time at the beach. there is a man that catches a in the so dynamic duo trying to take off with his stuff. >> this happened on the florida the on the beach there man caught it all on cameras happening friday night when he spotted these two with men trying to break down a can nop that i belonged to him. >> he said they were trying to nab his beach chairs but in broad daylight in front of him. >> it is pretty funny ridiculous. >> exchange got pretty heated. >> we will let it slide glad i made tonight time. no, step away from my stuff, how about that. >> i will, and then i will take that camera. >> stop it. >> we will let it slide, i'm glad i made tonight time. >> yes, good point.
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>> yes. they are not pressing any charges and i don't get why these ladies are in these guys face. >> are they. >> you think it is a hoax. >> how could you, in the know that it wasn't your stuff, giant tenth. >> hi, kerry. >> hi. >> will you give me a hug. >> good day starts in 40 minutes in. coming up looking to make a few new friend, are you? are you willing to pay for some friends. new dating site that get you up with potential pals and hooks you up with potential pals, and then this.
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>> taking your little guy, back to school. and, what happens next, he says, how children are especially as kids. even though we have been through so much. >> by the the way, no tie tuesday. >> it is. >> it is too hot for a tie. >> i won't wear one either. >> you shouldn't either the guys out there, mike said it is okay. >> i'll tell you, you could never underestimate the value of not wearing a tayoun a day like today. >> i think you can under estimate that. >> all right. >> we have a round up of the air quality which is poor today, the heat index today
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will be in the 90's, take it easy, especially in the middle of the day, we have southeasterly wind bringing in all that humidity, from the gulf of mexico, and it is very sultry, later on today. we have a future cast that shows some storms, moving through, nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight and then at 1:00 in the afternoon tomorrow we will have possibility of more showers popping up. and will we make it to 90 degrees before that happens. we will wait and see. showers possible for the rest of the day, on wednesday, as well. probably not so much. but temperatures right now are warm, 76 degrees in philadelphia, 70 in lancaster, 66 in mount pocono and it feels warmer than that. the heat index will be rising, as the temperature does later on today. ninety-four is our high, 90 tomorrow. eighty-eight. not too humid on friday. sunny and warm on saturday and
6:23 am
sunday. monday chance of the thunderstorm again. best weather take of the week kacie is friday. >> looks fantastic to me. i'm in the complaining about saturday or sunday either. plymouth township ridge pike at caldwell lane disable on the shoulder not bothering anybody this morning. norristown high speed line boarding on inbound platform. 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 and that is lasting until august 1st. looking at majors only slow down 95 south from woodhaven down to the vine about a five minute delay there. we will have more on your delays com
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cole hamels pitching in the seventh inning and picking up the win for the phillies. for a look at the rest of the night in sports here's howard eskin. >> i'm howard eskin. if you are still looking at division races for phillies, lets take a look the at teams
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at the top. washington and atlanta lead the division. first let get to washington, that is screech, that is the washington nationals mascot, i don't know where they got whatever that birdies but he gets hit by a foul ball. down goes screech. down go the washington nationals tonight, 11th inning down two-two. that is chris davis for baltimore orioles. a two run home run leads to a six run 11th inning and baltimore beats washington in the score there eight to two. miami heat a few players and teams are waiting for lebron james to make his final decision,er with he will sign again. he loves this. stage three tour of france a few issues. to france, those skinny roads and bikers. you have to watch out for other guy. watch the guy on the side of the road. you have to get out of the way. marcell kettle leading after stage three. that is sports. i'm howard eskin. it is 6:27, and still
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there's a great way uy high quality cars at low. ...and iall starts here, at carmax.x. log on to and start your search today... ...and choose from over 35 thousand carmax quality certified used vehicles. from cars and trucks to suvs and minivans. browse the store nearest you... ...or shop from our nationwide inventory and have the car of your dreams, transferred to your local carmax store. finding the perfect car is easy when you start your search at carmax. carmax. start here. gunfire earlier this morning in the bucks county neighborhood at least one person dead, two hurt, we are live as investigators piece together exactly what happened here. as temperatures rise montgomery county swimming
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pools are shut down after vandals, dump broken glass in the water. who made that discovery just in time. speaking of temperatures rising we're on track to hit mid 90's again today, sue serio is tracking if there is going to be a break from this humidity and heat in sight. >> it doesn't look like it. >> in. >> it looks like it is brutal already sue. >> it really is but it is friday. friday is going to be a day do you remember how saturday was with the low humidity, nice and warm, we will have another one of those on friday. hang on through today and tomorrow will be the worst of it. bus stop buddy has a good idea pool side is good place to be if you are fortunate enough. sixty's and 70's are your temperatures walking out the door and feels muggy, that is why muggy the doggies there as well. as we look at our number between one and ten we have chose an eight because we will have plenty of sunshine. it does feel like summer. those are pluses.
6:32 am
minuses, humidity very high and we have storms possible later on. frontal system out to the west that will get here eventually, we will have pop up storms tonight and right now 76 degrees, blazing sunshine already, southeasterly wind at 8 miles an hour, relative humidity at 69 percent. 94 degrees is your high. we got to 93 yesterday. however you made it through yesterday, plan on the same thing today hot and humid and then tonight we will down to 74. that is when thunderstorms will be popping up. some could be loud. be prepared for that possibility overnight, kacie. >> i have got three incidents, all three are disabled vehicles. east whiteland northbound side of 202 at route 29 disabled vehicle number one, plymouth township ridge pike at caldwell lane. that tractor trailer has been moved to the shoulder and southbound side of 26th approaching pen rose avenue again on the shoulder, dawn and kerry. >> hasn't been a bad morning,
6:33 am
thanks. new to a developing story we are following in bucks county where police are investigating a triple shooting that left one person dead. >> fox 29's steve keeley live in bristol township live with more, steve. >> we told you earlier we got an update from family and friend not from police since 4:00 since they told us they had one guy dead in the house here, two other people shot at a hospital. family came from the hospital where one of them were shot in the head they identified as josh johnson a 28 year-old whom you will hear from his caretaker coming up after police chief talks. when she's talking about not just shot last tonight here but shot previously five years ago when he lived in philadelphia and that got him in the wheelchair. even though he could not use his legs he could use his hand and kept a gun in his house for protection. question is did he shoot the other man and kill him in his house and wound the other guy or did they shoot him.
6:34 am
that is question we are waiting to hear from police. so far no answers other than the the ones we are about to hear from two and a half hours ago. >> when officers arrived they found one deceased victim inside the house and two other victim inside the house that have received gunshot wounds. >> reporter: way you found out about this is somebody got out of the house somehow and went to the neighbor's house looking for help. you didn't get a call of anybody hearing gunshots. >> one of the victims went next door and asked for help and we received our first call for this incident. >> he got shot. >> was that in philadelphia. >> they shot him. >> he was in the wheelchair after that. >> he was in the wheelchair after that. he for the for his life. he was in the wheelchair. he remain the same still, the good josh that he was. >> reporter: he moved up to bristol after he got out of the hospital in the wheelchair. >> to get away from all of the drama and stuff like that. it is like somebody had it out for him but i don't understand
6:35 am
why. >> reporter: josh was also a father and we have talked to the mother of his children who was also out here after coming from the hospital with the awful news that he was brain dead. we will wait for the the bristol township police to update us and they were waiting for a medical examiner to arrive and for a search warrant because they still had not identified gun used in the shooting. with knowing that josh had a gun from his caretaker and his family and friend the question is whether the couple of guns was this a shoot-out among these three men and what was it all about. they should get information from the wounded man who was shot in the back and you can see to the left of your screen that is next door neighbor's house with the door opened and police still talking to them. that likely house that the man shot in the back ran to for help and first indication anything happened here after midnight. you talked to people on the street here and these houses are not far away. people without air conditioning have have fans on and windows are opened and they to not hear that gunfire
6:36 am
inside josh johnson's house. only indication was man in the back, shot in the back asking for help from the next door neighbor. >> so tragic, all right, thanks steve. a southwest philadelphia neighborhood taking to the streets in the protest over the fire department's response to a deadly house fire. >> four year-old twin sisters along with the four year-old boy and his one month-old brother perish in that fire. that early morning fire started on saturday in the 6500 block of gesner street, several homes were destroyed as well. fox 29's jennifer joyce live outside fire department at the center of this story, jennifer. >> reporter: that is right, kerry protesters took to the streets last night saying they want justice for four children who died in the saturday morning fire they claim that it took fire fighters too long to arrive on the scene, however, fire commissioner said he had a crew with him for three minutes. hundreds of people throughout the the community believe a different story they took to
6:37 am
the streets to voice their frustration with the department in their eyes it is took close to 30 minutes for fire fighters arrive and get to work. fire department stands firm challenging that claim saying their ladder trucks were seen within three minutes and engine arrived within five minutes, on another call. protesters, seized control on these blocks, good lisa rested three people and had to shut down 65th and wood land because of the masses. protesters were out here as late as 10:00 o'clock last night, fire commissioner is standing by his team for an admiral effort in battling the gesner street fire. >> we just want justice. >> they whatnot here in three minutes. it was over 30 minutes much it took ten minutes to set up, 20 minutes to show up. when do you that math it is 30 minutes. >> you have to understand that a upon arrival there was three to four houses already on
6:38 am
fire. that is a challenging effort. those members they get to see those same kids walk by the station every single day. their hearts are broken. there is no way in how that these members would not respond in the timely manner that they would like. >> reporter: commissioner derek sawyer says if residents are challenging the response time and would like to see resident call logs. the the fire department is just behind me, the fire scene business a half a block down this street. so close geographically however this community is struggling to stay united following last week even's tragedy. back to you. jennifer, thank you. two thieves attending a doctor office not for drugs or their supplies but for their central air conditioning unit. men caught on surveillance hauling this $7,000 piece of equip amount way from andorra pediatrics on ridge avenue. thieves didn't even bother to cover their face as they work to cut electrical lines and
6:39 am
drag unit away. while insurance is expect to cover cost in the meantime the staff and patients have to suffer in the sweltering heat. >> situation we have people working in here, all day long and it is 95 degrees a lot of babies are coming n it basically slows us down in terms of patients having to wait. >> authorities say copper was inside the unit, and finally that infamous fight between her and jc what she says was most important, about that elevator scuffle. and then this. >> i said what kind of momma you got to raise you up like this. you out to be a shame have of yourself. >> the wrong target to mess with how this feisty grand mom
6:40 am
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6:42 am
one good place to be is at the shore. we have talk about pool side earlier with bus stop buddy. here is your shore cast for today. we will say we cannot rule out a thunderstorm completely but they are not likely during the day, probably at night, you may see lightening, but upper 80's will be the temperature on the beach, southeasterly wind 15 miles an hour so we could have nice sea breezes.
6:43 am
72 degrees ocean water temperature, right now we have got southeasterly wind. ninety's will return again today. this could be day two of the heat wave but regardless it does look like, the the hottest day of the week. with high pressure off shore, and everything else out to the west, we've got lots of time to get up in those 90's this have afternoon. as we look real quick at future cast we will see rain moving through at eight, nine, maybe 10:00 o'clock tonight, that is gone by the morning by 1:00 in the afternoon we have more scattered showers. throughout the afternoon on wednesday. sunshine in between. we may make it to 90 on wednesday. all that rain hopefully will be gone by thursday. here are your temperatures right now, 76 here in the city. seventy-four in wilmington. seventy-three in atlantic city. it feels warmer then actual temperature. heat index is later on today, 94 degrees. feeling like 98 later on.
6:44 am
90 degrees, with scattered storms, tomorrow and getting better on thursday and not too humid at all on friday. friday looks like a nice day mid 80's on saturday and upper 80's on sunday. we should be able to hold off those thunderstorms on monday, hopefully they won't mess up your weekend, kacie. >> good news there, thanks very much. this is really only le down 95 south from the betsy ross bridge down to the vine. low on 76. you can see on the curve, this morning but all and all things are fine. only thing you need to look out for east whiteland north bound side of 202 at 29, you can see slow down north bound and normal volume there. southbound side of 26th street approaching pen rose avenue another disable vehicle on the shoulder. this shouldn't slow you down too much, guys. >> the search is on for whom ever threw broken glass in two community swimming pools in montgomery county rather towamencin township. >> all that glass wound up shutting down the pools on one of the hottest weekend of the
6:45 am
year. fox 29's dave kinchin has more. >> reporter: aaron miller and her son brennan expected to spend her hot fourth of july weekend cooling off in the towamencin community pool after paying hundreds of dollars in the sum are fee. vandals shedded those plans by toss nothing broken glass. >> i found out that somebody would do this, you know, it is very disappointing. >> we have cousins coming from california and we wanted to show them the pool around, and closed because of this. we were upset. >> reporter: police say pool manager found glass in two pools as he was opening up the complex, he could have seriously injured someone with so many children that swim here. they broke glass bottles on the waters edge and threw in the traffic cone and reflector. >> we decided right away that we had to close the facility for safety of the patrons. >> reporter: crew has todd drain water, pull glass and clean the filters.
6:46 am
>> we notified our insurance company and public works crews, normally they wouldn't be doing this. >> reporter: it hurts owner of the cool ease snack bar. >> it was a hot couple of days. it was a holiday weekend. so definitely impact it. >> reporter: police chief says investigation is ongoing. >> we don't have any solid leads but that doesn't mean we have no things we are working on. we are aggressively up investigating it. >> frustrated pool members say this to whoever ruin part of their summer. >> why, what is the point. >> dave kinchin fox 29 news. a eight three-year old houston texas grandmother fights off a man who broke into her home. this is lily mclend on and she was shocked to say the least when she found a man break nothing to her home. she has lived there for more than 50 years. she said she was demanding cash but she didn't give in she decided to fight back. she used a stick, hot water,
6:47 am
she for the the guy off and gave him the piece of her mind i had sausage on that stove. i said what kind of mom has raised talking to you. you have to restrain yourself. >> unfortunately, go without a fight. but both. crumbs is closing all of the stores a week after struggling cup cake stock was delisted from the nasdaq. new york city based company said all employees were notified on monday. crumbs will file for chapter seven bankruptcy liquidation. representative for the company could not immediately say how many workers were affect or how many stores it had remaining on its last day. moving now, at 6:47 to entertainment news, beyonce's sister so long knowles finally speaking out about that elevator fight, seen around the world. it has been two months since footage went viral of her physical and verbal argument
6:48 am
with her brother-in-law jay-z. she tells lucky magazine quote what is important is that my family and i are all good. incident happened at standard hotel in new york, the comments appear in the august issue of that magazine. >> i wanted to know more. >> yes, not very juicy. >> second trailer for the big screen adoption of jillian flynn best selling book gone girl is finally here. new video shows more scenes with ben afflict and gives a glimpse of supporting stars neil patrick harris and tyler perry. fans who have not read the book still have time, gone girl hits theaters, october 3rd. >> looks good. this material girl is too famous for jury duty. madonna was dismissed after just two hours at a manhattan court. court officials say her presence will simply cause a distraction. it will cause controversy though, some jurors felt that she got special treatment while she was there she showed up an hour late. >> can you imagine, an hour
6:49 am
late. >> on a jury. >> i would like to see that actually. a proposal from great heights seems to go terribly wrong. >> a man pops the question during a tandem sky dive but all of a sudden the ring drops out of his hand, it turns out, it was all part of his plan. they made it to the ground he got down on one knee with the real ring and their friend and family were watching and waiting there as the whole thing unfolded. we have an update on a bizarre kick starter campaign that we told but yesterday. this is pretty funny, kerry, it was an ohio man crowd funding web site to make machine toy make potato salad. he has gotten more than $16,000 in pledges, to make potato salad. campaign continues for another 25 days so there is no telling, how high the donations, will go. >> can you imagine he just started this campaign to raise money for this potato salad. >> he is selling it. >> he is not selling potato
6:50 am
salad. >> he is making money. >> in a poem. >> he will give you a hyku. >> i'll use the heimlich right now after eating that potato salad. that is biggest story of 2014, is kick starter campaign and go fund >> i need a new air conditioning. >> okay. buy me a tie. it his no tie tuesday. good day starts in ten minutes. coming up a danger being offered to our kids down the shore right on the boardwalk. the drug, being given out, even police say they have not seen this drug, this particular drug in shore towns ever before until now. this guy is oblivious to how good it is. former philly john kruk and his fellow announcer getting sued for that guy for making fun of him. the fan was, well, he says it was so damaged by this
6:51 am
emotionally, he wanted ten million-dollar, from his announcer, the yankees, you, espn, you, sue. >> p.m. b. >> i did laugh. >> you laughed at him. >> he is simply sleeping. >> that could have easily been me. >> who hasn't fallen asleep at a baseball game. >> of course. >> it wasn't even the phillies. >> i know, i never thought it would come to this. a rare win for the phillies last night. >> yes. >> anyway, keep cool today, please. it is going to be 94 degrees this afternoon. it is just one of those july days, it is a long day with lots of time for sun to get to us 94. it will be very humid. so, however you can seek relief from the heat that is the advice for today, very mug toy start. temperatures already in the mid 70's in places. it will be sticky by lunchtime and we will have reached 90 by
6:52 am
noon. then we will top off later on this afternoon of 94, very humid, and possibility ovulate day thunderstorms is there. it looks like it is most likely after dark. kacie. thanks, sue serio. taking a look, real quickly we have slight slow downs 76 west, 95 south, we will talk about the slow downs, delays we are looking at and incidents coming up next.
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this ace live look at the fun park in pocono mountains, great day, to get out and enjoy the sunshine. sue says it is humid out there. let's check this out, this is iisha an eight month-old orangutan and she's quite the spec particular california at the san diego zoo. her particular species is critically endangered. there are less than 7,000 orangutans left in the wild. humblepy second i dumpty sat on the wall, and had a great fall. we heard that popular nursery rhyme over the years and now it has come true in oregon as enchanted forest amusement park, a cement, humpty dumpty art piece took a great fall of its own and smashed bits on the sidewalk. the park says, that two men apparently climbed over a retaining wall and they accidentally, knocked humpty dumpty over. >> takes quite a few hearst to
6:56 am
start from scratch again and try to time kate what i had. that is the problem, to make it. make it the the way it was before. >> kind of a bummer humpty dumpty had been sitting on than that wall since 1970. coming up next on good day, looking to make a few new friends? are you willing to pay for them? the new dating site that sets you up with potential pals. and the search for this woman police say she abandoned her baby, inside of a new york city subway station. at farmers, we make you smarter about auto insurance,
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three people shot, within person is killed, we are live, in bristol township. >> is this how he did it, oscar pistorius a reinact. , he says this is what happened the night, his girlfriend, was killed, by him. video gets leaked to the general public so now, what. a former philly john kruk, sued by, oh, quincy is first. >> well, i'm here at independent mall, new addition going own down here but, had king of r and b music trace
7:00 am
songs on the show today. >> yes, we will dive into that story. real quickly here john kruk getting sued by a yankees fan who fell asleep. now why would that be? we will tell you why john kruk, they mayo this guy ten million-dollar. does he have have a case this guy, he was simply sleeping. we will get into that with our attorney in a bit, hi, sue. >> it is no tie tuesday. i have declared this. it is a health has air. this is what you say tour boss, when you show up to work today. it is going to be hot. >> it is cool and comfortable in weather like this. >> up close visual of what no tie looks like. >> yes, you look good. >> yes. not too much make up on. >> no, okay. >> okay. >> we will look at the numbers for today and i will make you wait for a second for the number because we like to increase suspense. >> well,


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